Things You Can Do To Show Someone You Love Them Without Saying The Words

"Pick carrots out of their salad because they hate carrots."

The words "I love you," though meaningful, can start to lose their power if overused; so it's no wonder we sometimes try to find other things to say instead of "I love you." There are moments when those three little words simply don't do your feelings justice. You can come up with creative or cute things to say instead of "I love you," but nothing expresses your emotions better than actions. 

The truth is, not all of us are good with expressing ourselves with words anyway.  But you can always send signs you love your significant other through the things you do. Perhaps you aren't ready to say "I love you" or maybe you are searching for things to say instead of "I love you." No matter the stage of your relationship with a person, there are other ways to communicate your feelings. Doing sweet and kind things, like dedicating your time to help them with a task, fulfilling an errand for them, or even surprising them with a small gift, are just a few of the thoughtful ways you can show someone you care.  

There are too many different ways to say "I love you" for us to stick to just those three words. Whether it's your significant other, sibling, parent, friend, or another loved one, there are ways to express how much you love them through your actions. To give us some more ideas on how to make our actions speak louder than words, we looked to one Reddit thread asking the community this question: "What are some of the nice things that you do/have done for your friends, romantic partners, family, etc. to show them love/affection/appreciation?

The thread turned out some pretty precious answers that are giving us all feels.  

So, if you are ready to say "I love you," but can't quite get there, read on to get some inspiration on how to show someone you care without actually saying the words. 











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