What Everyone Sounds Like When They Talk About Coconut Oil

These comedians nail it.

Who isn't using coconut oil right now? It's all we're hearing about. And why not when a huge tub of the wonder product lasts forever?

You can use it for just about anything like cooking, face/body moisturizer, hair de-frizzer, and toothpaste. In fact, it's become such a multipurpose product that it's replaced a lot of other items in people's cupboards. 

So you can imagine why so many people are becoming obsessed and telling all their friends about it. 


You put it on what?

It's actually kind of hilarious the way people who first discover coconut oil get so hyped about all the different usages that they can't shut up about it. 

Every conversation with friends inevitably turns into "Hey, guess what I put coconut oil on today." It's funny because it's true. 

Fix me already.

Now, renowned improv group Second City has created a sketch comedy featuring two women who are competing over which one knows more about their beloved miracle product.  

Of course, we'll keep on raving about coconut oil, but it's fun to laugh at ourselves too.

Don't forget to share it with all your coconut oil loving friends. 


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