Witty Posters Shed New Light On Stereotyping Women Based On Their Clothes

"Don't measure a woman's worth by her clothes."

There are many ridiculous beliefs out there that completely stereotype our looks. 

If you have plenty of tattoos, you must be some sort of a badass. If you wear black clothes, you must read a lot of depressing novels and hang out only at spooky places. Now, girls that wear skimpy skirts are surely bimbos. As if. 

These three posters created by Miami Ad School Europe students Theresa Wlokka and Frida Regeheim for Terre des Femmes, a non-profit women's rights organization, shed new light on stereotyping. Does the size of your heels or décolleté really define you as a woman? 

Sure, clothes can be a form of self-expression, but it's not what defines us. Our skirts can be as skimpy or as long as we want them to be, and that certainly does not makes us whores or prudes.


It appears that there has been a lot of speculation online about who originally had the idea.

All three posters have a striking resemblance to another poster made by Rosea Lake, a Vancouver-based artist, a couple of years back. You can see them compared side-by-side below.

Wlokka and Regeheim claim to have reached out to Lake prior to creating their interpretation of the idea, which Lake denies, Huffington Post reports.

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