A Telemarketer Was Just Doing Her Job — But Then She Ended Up Doing So Much More

What happens when people care.

Telemarketers tend to call you around dinner time with a "limited time offer to upgrade your life insurance" or to ask if you'd be interested in hearing more about a tropical vacation getaway package.  Traditional customer responses often involve various stages of frustration, anger or the simple act of slamming the phone back down on the receiver without saying a word.  But in the case of a woman in Oregon, a call from a telemarketer may have saved her life.

Chamille McElroy of Americare Health and Nutrition made an outgoing call from her office in Nevada and heard a woman's cry for help on the other end.  The woman never said hello, but her phone somehow picked up the call from her back pocket.


According to CNN affiliate KLAS, McElroy stayed on the line and alerted her supervisor, Tina Garcia.  "That young lady was helpless. It was very, very frightening," Garcia told KLAS. "You could actually hear the blows as if he was hitting a punching bag and she was terrified."

They called the Linn County Sherriff's Office from nearly 900 miles away. According to a press release the Sheriff's Office issued after the incident, the call center workers stayed on the line and heard the woman screaming, "please don't kill me."  

Deputies made it to the scene and arrested 33-year-old Walter Warren John Ruck. About an hour later, the arresting officer called McElroy and Garcia's boss, Mario Gonzalez, CEO of Americare, to thank him and his team for intervening. They might not have sold a product, but that call certainly made a difference in a potential customer's life. 


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