This Heartwarming Picture Is Going Viral — And It's All Thanks To Some Nice Folks At Target

This kid's pumped.

Target defines its promise to customers in four words: "Expect more. Pay less."

But when a teenage boy walked into a Target in Raleigh, NC, he came out with more than he could have ever expected. 

He was looking for a clip-on tie to wear to a job interview at Chick-Fil-A. But because Target only sells regular ties, an employer gave the boy a lesson in how to tie the tie — and how to ace the interview.

It quickly became a group effort to help make sure this kid knew what to do to land the job. A customer snapped a picture of the heartwarming scene and posted it to her Facebook page. The picture has gained more than 50,000 "likes" and thousands of shares. She also included a caption with her post, describing what happened.  


When the Target employees visited Chick-Fil-A to see how the interview went, the manager said he would make a decision by the end of the week — so keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.  


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