If You Procrastinate, You Should See This

Don't put off reading this.

If you are a human being, you've probably procrastinated somewhere between once and a billion times in your life. 

Chances are, you're already a master of wasting time, but in case you're not, YouTuber, animator and narrator Swoozie is here to outline exactly the best ways to go about putting off that big paper that's due tomorrow, cleaning your room and just about about everything else in his video, "The Art of Procrastination." 

Because procrastination truly is an art.  


"In school it didn't matter how much time you gave me to do my homework. The teacher could've been like, 'This paper is due in 97 years.'"

"I would've STILL waited until the night before."

"But you know you have a problem procrastinating when you procrastinate for... sleep. I'm laying there, and I know I'm supposed to go to bed, and yet I'm on Tumblr, and on Instagram, on YouTube and Netflix..."

"And your mom walks in and is like 'You're a slob! clean your room!' But as soon as someone tells you to do something, you no longer want to do it. So I usually wait, like about a week or so, and then I'll get around to doing it."

"And we procrastinate on the dumbest stuff. And that's the thing about procrastination — It bleeds into other departments of your life: washing the dishes, doing the laundry, car maintenance..."

"You know what, I'm putting my foot down right now. i'm going to start prioritizing, I'm going to discipline myself, I'm going to stop procrastinating..."

"...starting tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow."

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