Fashion Bloggers Expose The Harsh Realities Of The Factories Where Their Clothes Are Made

"I don't dare to dream. None of my dreams have ever become true."

Sweatshop is an award-winning Norwegian documentary-style TV Show that follows four Scandinavian fashion bloggers around Phnom Penh — the capital of Cambodia — as they expose the far from glamorous backstage of fast-fashion and seek change in the industry. Each week A Plus features a new episode from the show's latest season.


In the fourth episode of Sweatshop, the fashion bloggers meet up with Sokpha, a textile worker who works in "home-based production," a term used for all unregulated textile manufacturing. As we found out in the previous episode, workers like Sokpha are paid for each garment they sew as opposed to earning a monthly salary, meaning they have less rights and earn less wages than those working in factories.

They sit down for an emotional conversation to discuss how fast-fashion impacts the daily lives of people in Cambodia, and how workers are treated by garment factories in the country.

"I don't dare to dream. None of my dreams have ever become true," Sokpha tells the four young women.

"We have so much back home and they have so little ...  and none of us are happy," blogger Anniken Jørgensen says shortly after the meeting, wiping her tears away.

The girls then attempt to enter one of the garment factories. While they manage to get a quick look, entering it proves to be very challenging, despite an outstanding invitation from one of fast-fashion retailer's to visit their manufacturers.

Make sure to check out A Plus next week for the last episode of the show. You can also watch the previous episodes here if you missed any.


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