Dapper Men Celebrate Their Love For Each Other In This Unique Campaign For Suits

“We are proud of who and what we stand for.”

Within the last decade, the fashion industry has made some strides toward being more inclusive and diverse. However, most of the changes have arguably been more focused on women. When it comes to men's fashion, there is still a prevailing singular beauty standard with a rigid and narrow representation of masculinity: muscular, tall, and heterosexual.  So you could imagine the frenzy Suitsupply caused when the brand revealed its latest campaign featuring gay couples.


Suitsupply is celebrating gay love with its Spring/Summer '18 campaign and those on the internet are lovin' it. The ads feature couples donning dapper suits and displaying some PDA action. "While pride and love are celebrated in many parts of the world, it is generally left out of mainstream advertising," reads the brand's press release. "On display throughout nearly 100 stores, across 22 countries, the Suitsupply SS18 campaign will have gay relationships front and center, lauded as the 'everyday' gentleman."

This is a huge win for diversity, and fashion-lovers seriously can't get enough. Of course, whenever it comes to underrepresented people getting a chance to be seen, there will always be a few trolls to complain.  Some disgruntled consumers threatened to boycott the brand, others outright spewed homophobic rants online. But the ugly hatred was no match for the joy expressed by men who can finally see themselves represented so proudly and beautifully. 

"Cheers to suit supply for being progressive! Hopefully in the future this ad doesn't even seem out of the ordinary because what it's showing is a reality in our lives that we should all appreciate. If this is shocking or off-putting to some, I'd suggest stepping out of the small world you may be living in," said one fan on the Suitsupply's Instagram page. 

"Thanks for embracing diversity and representation of love!" said another.

"For all the followers and business you lost, you gained two new fans/customers in me and my boyfriend. Thank you for taking this brave step," said another.

"I am proud of you @suitsupply Keep this up! You are standing up and changing history. It is not going unnoticed and the ones against this cannot win!" said another fan.

The campaign will be run online, in stores, on billboards, and all over social media. "The attraction between people is an important part of fashion advertising," said the brand. "A campaign featuring the attraction between men was long overdue and particularly relevant for our brand." Not to mention, many of fashion's greatest influencers and leaders are members of the LGBTQ community

"The Suitsupply Spring ad campaign celebrates individuality and love," a rep for Suitsupply said  on behalf of  founder and CEO Fokke de Jong to Yahoo Lifestyle. "At Suitsupply, everyone can find their perfect fit in clothing and in life, and we mean everyone. This is true to our brand and our culture. We are proud of who and what we stand for." We are so here for the rise of diverse, intersectional, and and positive representations within the fashion and beauty spaces. Soon, ads like this won't even be newsworthy — they'd be ordinary. 

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