Aliens Exist And They Are Here On Earth, Footage Shows

What is it??

The world is a mysterious place, filled with a variety of species that range in all shapes and sizes. Many species we haven't even discovered yet and some that we have discovered look completely alien. 

Among the strangest-looking creatures are those that exist in the depths of the ocean — a place we know less about than the surface of our moon. 

One creature, that looks particularly bizarre, is the deep sea giant jellyfish, known as Stygiomedusa gigantea. This animal is so rare, in fact, that according to BBC Earth News, researchers say it has only been "seen 114 times in the 110 years it has been known to science." 


But some incredibly rare footage has caught the animal in action ...

When you see it move, it's hard to believe it's a living, breathing animal rather than just some fabric debris floating in the waters. 

And though scientists rarely catch a glimpse of the animal, the Stygiomedusa gigantea species is actually widespread, found in all oceans except the arctic, according to BBC. BBC also states the animal can be up to a yard-long, with tentacles up to two yards long it may use to capture prey. 

Take a look at the incredibly hypnotizing footage below:

(H/T: Reddit)

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