You've Definitely Read This Classic Children's Book, But Not Like This

Children's literature...with a twist.

Classical music marches through our ears as pages of a book fly through the screen like a ballet choreographed by Barnes & Noble. 


The tone is understood. We're about to embark on an intellectual journey through literature. 

And in response to the request of so many followers on Twitter, comedian Sparky Sweets finally released a video covering the classic American children's book, "The Cat in the Hat." 

Sweets has made a name for himself by hosting a video series called Thug Notes (not to be confused with the widely misused literary study guide, Spark Notes). And his Twitter bio invites followers to learn exactly what they can expect from his work: 

Join me as I drop some of da illest classical literature summary and analysis that yo ass ever heard.

He sets the stage: 

"Mama's done peaced outta the crib and since it's pouring balls outside, Sally and her bro are all alone with nothing to do."

There's a knock at the door...

"The cat keep going hard while that fish just won't stop hating," Sweets explains. "Then the cat whip out a giant red box with two hoods stuffed inside." 

"These brothers take it next level..."

Sweets moves through the familiar tale; his hilarious style infused throughout. 

Sweets' audience (and pretty much anyone who has ever been a kid) has already read this book; they know how it ends. 

But Sweets offers his own analysis of the characters we all thought we knew. 

He begins by pointing out the similarities in the way Dr. Seuss lived his life and the way the "Cat in the Hat" urged the children to live their lives. 

In Sweets' words:

Check out the intellectually stimulating video to hear the rest of his thought-provoking analysis. 

(Spoiler: it's actually quite thought-provoking.)


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