This Tattoo Parlor Is Offering People A New Beginning — Free Of Charge

Once a week, Southside Tattoo opens its doors to people who have hateful ink they now regret.

A tattoo parlor in Baltimore is offering time once a week for individuals to come into the shop to have their hateful or violent tattoos covered up free of charge in a generous understanding of the fact that sometimes, people change. 

Dave and Beth Cutlip, owners of Southside Tattoo, had the idea after a man came into the shop with gang symbols tattooed on his face. Beth told Upworthy that the man had explained that, while he made some questionable decisions when he was younger, he was married with kids now and was working as an electrician, but his old ink had a tendency to make potential customers wary.

The cost of removing tattoos would be a massive financial burden for the man, which got the Cutlips thinking of how they could help him and people in a similar situation. They decided that they would start setting aside time in their shop when people could have tattoos with messages that they now regretted covered at no charge. They shared the idea in a Facebook post that has since been shared over 25,000 times. 


According to Upworthy, the time designated for tattoo coverups is completely booked, but Beth is working with other tattoo parlors around the country to implement similar programs. The Cutlips have set up an online fundraiser to help pay for the costs. 

"The beautiful thing is I know I did something good for somebody," she told Upworthy. "And they're going to leave here and they're going to do something nice for somebody else."

A Plus reached out to the Cutlips for comment.

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