Scared Of Never Getting To Meet Your True Soulmate? Fear Not, Because This Site Has Got You Covered.

Your soulmate might just be 8 questions away.

Throughout our entire lives we typically get acquainted with 1000 people. Yep, 1000 out of 7 billion human beings in the world. Think about all the people you currently share the planet with but will never get to know. And what if your one true soulmate is one of them? Not to sound pessimistic, but the odds don't look great. 

The website 8^8 wants to change that. It matches you with your soulmate using mathematics and a personality test.


The test consists of 8 simple psychological questions.

As the site explains, 8^8 is "eight to the power of eight" — that is, 8 multiplied by itself 8 times (8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8), which equals 16,777,216. 

The site asks 8 personality questions with 8 possible answers to each, then matches you with someone who gave the exact same answers to all the questions as you did. Statistically, this comes out to — you got it — one person out of every 16,777,216. It's still nowhere near 7 billion, but it's a lot more than 1,000.

"The idea is to find another you, not necessarily to find another partner," 8^8 website explains. "Your soulmate can support you, understand you, and identify with your issues irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or not. In fact, your soulmate can help you by talking to you about any issues you might have with your partner."

Curious about your soulmate? Make sure to take the test here. You might just meet another you.

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