Watch Selena Gomez Surprise One Of Her Biggest Fans With A House Call

"My dream has just come true."

Watch Selena Gomez Surprise One Of Her Biggest Fans With A House Call

While in Australia for her Revival Tour, Selena Gomez recently took the time to surprise a fan who tried for years to get her to perform there.

22-year-old Sophie Saunders from Sydney told radio station KIIS 1065 that she made Facebook and Instagram pages trying to get Selena to come to Australia. "I just kinda did that... to get other fans connected to each other," she said.

Sophie is so devoted that she even traveled abroad to see Selena perform.

Selena heard about Sophie and decided to pay her a visit — in her own bedroom. The radio station had Sophie record herself singing "Kill 'Em With Kindness" to share with Selena in a fan video. She could see Selena walk through the door behind her on her phone screen.


"Thank you so much for meeting me," Sophie said through tears as Selena hugged her. The singer was touched to hear that her fan had traveled all the way to see her in Dallas.

After Selena signed a few autographs and posed for a selfie, Sophie was still stunned that her favorite artist went out of her way to surprise her. "My dream has just come true," she said.

Watch the sweet moment for yourself in the video below:

(H/T: Billboard)


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