Father Who Turned To A Cosmetology School To Help Him Style His Daughter's Hair Will Melt Your Heart

Who says that dads know nothing about beauty routines?

If your dad ever happened to do your hair, you most likely will recall the end result. Chances are you were not impressed. Uneven pony tails, hair sticking out all over the place, and forget about braids. For most fathers, braiding is basically rocket science. 

But not this dad. When Greg Wickherst, a single father from Colorado, separated with Izzy's mother a little bit more than a year ago, he naturally found himself facing a new challenge — how to style his daughters hair. 

Father of a soon-to-be-three-year-old, he headed straight to the cosmetology department of IntelliTec college where he works as an admission representative, asking students to teach him the braid-making art. Now, he is nothing if not a hairdo pro. Need a proof? Scroll down and take a look for yourself.


"When I ask her what she wants, she always says 'A bun!'" Wickherst told A+.

"It took me probably about a month to get most of the styles."

"I was shocked at how easy a bun is to make."

"I thought it was very intricate, so when I found out that you just don't completely finish tying the rubber band around, that blew my mind!" Wickherst confessed.

Wickerst is an inspiration to all single fathers out there. Izzy is one lucky girl.

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