Watch These Japanese High School Girls Go Through An Amazing — And Totally Unexpected — Makeover

Wait... What?

Shut the front door.

That was basically our reaction to watching this new ad created for Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetic company. The video was released just six days ago, and is quickly going viral for good reason. 

The ad starts with what appears to be a high school teacher opening the door to a classroom full of Japanese girls. From a high schooler giving us a cold stare, to another winking right at the camera, each and every one looks like she's from some super duper cool rock band.

The camera finally focuses on a girl flipping through pages of her book. The Japanese text reads "Did you notice the boys in this classroom?" Wait... What boys?!

Not to spoil this entirely, but the answer is right in front of your eyes. The.Whole.Time. 


Nailed it.

If you loved this as much as we did, make sure to also check out Shiseido's behind-the-scenes video.

(H/T: Design Taxi, The Japan Times)


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