Campaign Reimagines Syrian Child’s Story As A Movie Trailer To Remind Us Her Life Isn’t Fiction

Before their stories are turned into Oscar-nominated films, we need to hear their real stories.

The video has all the trappings of a movie trailer: a dramatic voiceover, swelling music and glimpses of scenes that put the viewer in the middle of the action. It could be a preview of a future Oscar-nominated film. Except that it's not the latest Hollywood tale. It's someone's real life. 

Entitled "Aleppo's Child", the video is part of a new campaign from Shape History, a creative company that has had its share of inspiring viral hits. In partnership with Work For Good, Care4Calais and Refugee Support, the company hopes the campaign will highlight the need to tell refugees' stories as honestly as possible, before they are transformed by film studios. 


In addition to the video, the campaign features several real stories from Syrian refugees on its website. There's Mohamed, who volunteered with rescue group the White Helmets. There's Noor, a mother of four who is studying English while living in a refugee camp. And there's Ahmad, who traveled first from Syria to Turkey and then from Turkey to Greece. He says he left because he wanted a better future.

"It is not enough just to eat, maybe I will have a wife and a son; I had to do it," he says. "I had to choose to either die in Syria or make a future. I chose to make a future and they closed the border."

While thousands of refugees have been resettled in other countries, many still remain in camps or remain unable to escape the violence in their countries. For those looking to help, sign up for more information about the Aleppo's Child campaign on Shape History's site or make a donation to Refugee Support or Care4Calais, both non-profits who work with refugees and partnered with Shape History on the campaign. 


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