This Is The Darkest Truth About Love. But You're Welcome To Disagree.


Want to know the darkest truth about love? Well here goes: You will never find the right person. Or at least that's one of the many things that this short video, based on a write-up by Swiss philosopher and author Alain De Botton, claims.

It was directed and animated by graduate students Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee for The School Of Life, a London-based organization that seeks to improve people's emotional intelligence "through the help of culture." 

But wait... what are they actually saying?


The video sparked some debate online. Take this comment made by YouTube user jafd239, for example. (Although, The School Of Life was quick to counter with an explanation.)

Maybe we will just have to pretend we don't know any of this. After all, it's all about believing. 

And you can also check out an article called This Photographer That Captures The Most Intimate Portraits Of Couples To Prove To Our Generation That Love Still Exists if you need some convincing. Don't give up on love just yet. Instead, let's all be "compensating angels."

(H/T: Konbini)


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