Her Sound Wave Tattoo Plays A Message From Her Late Grandma So Her Voice Will Always Be With Her

She'd been holding on to the voicemail for three years before deciding what to do with it.

For Chicago-based singer Sakyrah Angelique, sound is an essential element in her life, so when she decided to commemorate her late grandmother with a tattoo, she added an extra special audible touch. 

Tattooing the sound waves of her grandmother's last voicemail, Angelique is now able to forever playback the audio with the help of her phone.


The 19-year-old posted a video on her Instagram of her playing the voicemail using mobile app Skin Motion, a tattoo artist network and platform for creating personalized augmented reality tattoos. " I am able to play her voicemail when I hold my camera over the tattoo," Angelique explained in her post. "Her voice will forever be across my heart." 

Angelique says she was extremely close to her grandmother. "She was always there to support me with school and even more with my singing career," she told A Plus. "She left me this voicemail in April of 2015 for my birthday. Unfortunately, she passed away in May of 2015. At this time, I decided to save the voicemail in as many places as I could."  It's been three years since her grandmother's passing and she's been holding on to that last voicemail ever since. 

What inspired the tattoo was Angelique's love for music. "About a month ago, while working on one of my songs, I started to observe the sound waves on the screen," she explained. "And I thought that it would be great for me to get a tattoo of one with my grandmothers voicemail." The Chicago-based artist said that's when she discovered Skin Motion which connected her to tattoo artist Shane Ryder at Ritual Addictions Tattoo Shop in Arizona to execute the vision.

News of Angelique's heartwarming tattoo spread quickly online after she posted her video, leaving people teary-eyed and inspired to honor their own loved ones in a similar way.

Others shared their own commemorative tattoos.

Angelique is touched by all of the responses she's been receiving since sharing her video. "The response that [Shane and I]  both been getting has been amazing," she told A Plus. "So many people are now inspired to save messages from their loved ones so that one day they will be able to get a similar tattoo. I am extremely grateful to see how my grandmother's voicemail has affected people all over the world. It is truly overwhelming, but I could not be happier with this experience."

Body art has been a way for many to cope with tragedy — from scar tattoos that help people embrace their body image, to photograph tattoos that immortalize special moments, to even something as unique as an audible tattoo made from the voice of someone you love. 


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