These Restaurants Want To Take A Bite Off Your Plate, But For A Good Reason

The amount of edible food thrown away every year is astounding.


Each year, Americans throw away an estimated 70 billion pounds of food. A variety of factors contribute to this unfathomable amount of waste, including the cheap cost of food in the U.S. and our obsession with aesthetically pleasing produce. In a time when it has become culturally acceptable to ditch massive quantities of consumable food on a regular basis, some restaurants are trying to reduce food waste by asking customers to downsize instead of supersize their portions. 

Through a program called Satisfeito, "satisfied" in Portuguese, restaurants in Brazil serve customers dishes that are one-third smaller than the typical portion size at the same price as a regular-sized dish. What money the restaurant saves by serving the smaller meal is then donated to nonprofits that fight child hunger. Smaller portions at the restaurant mean less food gets thrown away later in addition to the much-needed funds for food banks and children's organizations.

Around 60 restaurants currently participate in the initiative. Since 2013, donations have resulted in over 18,000 meals

"The amount of food wasted worldwide is outrageous," project coordinator Marcos Szrajer told The Huffington Post. "And at the same time, we have people starving throughout the world. We have to fight this contradiction."

Check out the video above to learn more about the program.

A Plus reached out to Satisfeito for comment.

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