High School Junior Covers Bathroom Wall With Messages Of Positivity

Sabrina Astle, 17, has made it her goal this semester to make her campus a better place.

A high school junior who wanted to show more love to her fellow classmates wallpapered the girls bathroom at her school in California with positive messages and affirmations for those trying to balance the struggles of high school and being a teenager.

The project was the brainchild of Sabrina Astle, 17, the president of the "Kindness Club" at Laguna Hills High School in California, who drew the 30 colorful signs by hand. Astle, with some help from the school activities director Chelsea Maxwell, hung the signs after school one day so when her fellow classmates went to the bathroom the next morning, they were surprised with messages such as "You are doing better than you think," "Believe in yourself" and "Wake up, smile and tell yourself today is my day."


"It just reminds everyone that they are important and special in their own way, and that they shouldn't feel like they are less than anyone because of what they see as a flaw," Astle told Today.

Maxwell told ABC News that it was Astle's goal this semester to spread more positive messages around the school. While the signs were created for spirit week designed to bring the school community together, Maxwell says the signs will remain for the foreseeable future.

"I didn't think I was doing anything that would impact anyone," Astle told ABC News. "I thought it may brighten their day or lift their confidence before their next class, but I didn't think it would make this large of an impact."


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