Watch Hillary Clinton Channel ‘Love Actually’ To Woo Electors on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Because at Christmas, you tell the truth.

Since the presidential election, Hillary Clinton has taken a break from the spotlight. But that hasn't stopped Saturday Night Live from imagining what must be going on in HRC's mind right now. 

This week's episode of Saturday Night Live had Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) showing up at the front door of an elector and pouring out her feelings à la Love Actually. Standing in the snow while a CD of Christmas carols plays softly in the background, Clinton holds placards indicating she knows that the majority of the electoral college is supposed to vote for Donald Trump, but she urges the college to rethink their options.

"Just literally vote for anyone else," the card reads before Clinton offers some examples of candidates she thinks would be more deserving of an electoral college vote, including Tom Hanks, Zendaya and a rock. 

As for the $1000 fine electors will face if they vote for a different candidate than Donald Trump, well, Clinton's got a solution for that, too.

Watch the full sketch below:



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