Mind. Blown. Watch Two Guys Fly Around As High As Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

"Suddenly, the wing and me were making one."

You might think this is just a scene from "Iron Man"...


And if so, we seriously don't blame you. Because that's exactly how it looks. 

... but these two are not fictional characters.

You heard it. Allows us to introduce you to Yves Rossy, a professional-pilot-turned-jetman, and his protégé, jetman Vince Reffet.

In fact, Reffet was introduced as Rossy's protégé just this Monday while in Dubai, Forbes reports, becoming only the second man on the planet "earning the distinction of flying with the innovative Jetman wing."

Wait... What?

This special wing allows a person to fly 124 miles per hour on average or, if you prefer, 186 miles per hour on descent.

"It feels so natural," Reffet says in the video. "Suddenly, the wing and me were making one. It was like an extension of my body. I fell I was flying. It's just an insane feeling."

Holy moly. This is trippy.

"The future of human flying is clear," Rossy explains in the video. "Could be completely autonomous — like a bird. The real dream is to be completely free."

Wait... come again?

Watch the entire video below.

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