This 4-Year-Old Staged Her Own Women's March In Her Backyard And Her Dolls Rallied To The Cause

Just because you're made of plastic doesn't mean you don't care about women's rights.

When it seemed like it was a just a little too far for their family to drive and maybe just a little too much for their 4-year-old Rose, Mark and Wendy Redfern decided to host their own Women's March last weekend in their backyard with some very special guests.

Rose, with some help from her parents, gathered her dolls and crafted some mini protest signs to stage her own demonstration. Mark told Buzzfeed that he and his wife tried to include messages that would seem relevant to the particular doll. For example, Cinderella was spotted holding a sign that reads, "Forget the glass slipper... What about the glass ceiling!"


"We plan to raise Rose to be engaged and active," Mark told Buzzfeed. "When she gets older, she can make her own decisions on how political she wants to be and what side she falls on, we'll love her no matter what. It's our job as parents to guide her through this crazy world and help her understand what's going on and to encourage her to grow into a strong and confident woman."

Check out more images of Redfern's march below.

A Plus reached out to the Redferns for comment.

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