9 Literal Illustrations That Show How Silly Common English Sayings Are

It's pretty weird we say these if you think about it.

"Break a leg," "hit the books," "speak of the devil" —These are common sayings English speakers hear all the time and don't question. We just understand that our friend is wishing us good luck, needs to study, or was just talking about us before we walked in. But, if you're new to the language, these sayings may seem kind of ridiculous. 

That's how artist Roisin Hahessy felt when she moved to Brazil and began teaching English. 

"When I stopped to think about some of the English idioms, it made me laugh," she told A Plus in an email. "When we stop to think about what we are actually saying, they are quiet funny." 

Hahessy decided to pick a few common idioms and illustrate them literally. They are pretty silly when you think about them. 

Check out her illustrations below: 


1. Why bring the clouds into this?

2. Since when are cucumbers cool? Kale, maybe.

3. How are you kicking anything if you're dead? Why a bucket?

4. But they're heavy!

5. Cake is great, but it's not exactly easy to make.

6. It never rains on my tea parties.

7. Why would your face turn blue?

8. How did it get there?

9. But they were never alive...

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