This Dad Creates Adorable Lunchbox Notes For His Daughter

He's been doing it for three years.

Lots of artists challenge themselves to do a drawing every day for a year, but children's book author and illustrator Rob Biddulph has someone holding him to it — His youngest daughter Poppy.

For the past three years, Biddulph has been sending Poppy to school with surprise drawings in her lunchbox. His drawings are always made on Post-It notes and feature cartoon characters. Each one is accompanied by a message reminding Poppy to eat her lunch and that her dad loves her. 

Sending your child with a note in their lunchbox can serve as a little reminder that you're thinking of them while they're off at school. In Poppy's case, both of her parents contribute to her lunchtime; her mom makes the food and her dad creates the note. 


Biddulph's Post-It drawings are so good that 150 of them are being awarded their very own exhibition in Waterstone's Tottenham Court Road in London. He shares each new drawings on Instagram using the hashtag #PackedLunchPostIt

Check out some of his lunch notes below:


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