Artist Richard Stainthorp Creates Incredible Wire Sculptures Of The Human Body


"The human form is beautiful," artist Richard Stainthorp tells A Plus in an email. 

According to his Facebook page, Stainthorp, a professional sculptor, began making wire sculptures in 1996. 

Now, his body of work features incredible human nudes, angels and trees — all created by manipulating two dimensional lines.

Stainthorp explains that since his medium is a difficult one to work with, the reward of merely having completed a structure is satisfying.


"Finishing each piece is like completing a really tough puzzle."

Stainthorp says most of his inspiration comes while he is working on a piece of art or from "everyday things that you see people do." He adds the feeling and emotion behind a sculpture is what's really important, not the details.

Much of Stainthorp's work is motivated by the human body. On that, he says:

"Almost everything we find exciting in the world, whether it be intellectual or adventure based, usually revolves around how we perceive our own being within a space, and the interactions we involve ourselves with. For each person the center of the universe is yourself, your being, and your body. Everything else is just your reaction to external stimuli. For me there is nothing else that could possibly be more important to sculpt. I did make a goat though."

Stainthorp believes artists shouldn't try to emulate someone else's work, but rather "just make something that you find beautiful and learn from your own making."

"Ideas will come to you, but it is only through the creative process, and not the copying process, that new art is dreamt up and new ideas are born."

Check out more of Stainthorp's work below:

Be sure to check out Stainthorp's personal site and Facebook, too.

(H/T: BoredPanda)


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