You Think You Know How Six-Year-Old Girls Surf? Think Again.

Just watch and learn, grown ups.

Meet Quincy.


This little Australian is everything but your average six-year-old. She might still be a small human being, but she is already a big surfer. 

"I've surfed with a whale," the girl says in the video below. "Mommy won't even let me surf with a shark."

The first time Quincy tried surfing, it was on her dad's board. She was so brilliant at it that her parents quickly decided to get her a tiny one of her own.

Talk about a good investment, because this 6-year-old turned out to be a surfing whiz.

"For Quincy to surf, for me is an amazing thing," her dad tells. "Because we're sharing something that is so special to me."

"And I firmly believe it's every bit as special to her, if not more so."

"She has a different connection with the ocean to what I do."

"It's her connection."

Just watch, guys.

If that's how she rides waves at the age of six, imagine how good she'll be ten years from now.

This five-minute documentary on Quincy was directed and shot by Sean Slobodan and James Winegar

"It's hard to put into words an experience like this," Slobodan explains on Vimeo. "Suffice it to say, Quincy is an amazing kid."

Check it out below.

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