This Guy Danced In 100 Locations, And It's Awesome

Like nobody's watching.

Matt Bray wants to live life to the fullest, so on his Youtube channel, ProjectOneLife, he creates videos featuring him doing all the things on his bucket list.

"The name ProjectOneLife comes from the old saying, 'You only live once,' and my mission is to try and make my one life great," he writes on his YouTube About page. "My goal is to encourage others to create their own bucket lists, and hopefully motivate them to accomplish their list items."

"100 Places of Dance" might be Bray's most awesome video to date. It shows him doing the same dance routine in 100 different locations, and though the saying is "Dance like nobody's watching," the video already has over 670,000 views.  

"I worked for months on this video to find a song, make the choreography, practice the dance routine three times a day to make sure I had it down to muscle memory," says Bray in the video. 

A party store, a bowling alley and a park are all just some of the most interesting locations featured. Take a look:


1. On a baseball field.

2. Next to a river.

3. On a bridge.

4. In a park.

5. At a train station.

6. At a party store.

7. In a bowling alley.

8. On a tennis court.

9. In the middle of the street.

10. Outside of a tall building.

Check out the complete "100 Places of Dance" video here:

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