Priyanka Chopra's 5 Tips For Navigating Hollywood Are Ones All Women Should Hear

"Just do it the way I do: Don't give a shit."

In a recent video for Refinery29, actress Priyanka Chopra's dishing out five important tips for getting "what you want in Hollywood — or the movie business — when you're not a dude." 

In the video, Chopra touches upon why it's important for women to have their own opinions, support leading women in the movie industry, stay connected to their roots, and allow themselves a much-needed break. 

And while Chopra's advice is extremely relevant for women in such a competitive industry, it's also valuable for every woman, no matter what your career or lifestyle, to know.  

Check out a few of her tips below and be sure to watch the full interview in the video below.


"It's always best, obviously, not to have an opinion ... because that's what the world would want. But you should just do it the way I do: Don't give a shit. Just have an opinion and own it."

"I think staying connected to your roots means staying connect to who you really are."

"[Tip four is] extremely important, not just for feminism but for women around the world. Show each other love. And show each other encouragement. Because the guys are not going to do it. If we want the kind of position and power that we want in society, we have to be able to encourage each other."

Hear the rest of the tips in the video below:


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