This Cheeky Tote Bag Nails What So Many People Miss About Planned Parenthood

It's not a one-service-fits-all organization.

With House Speaker Paul Ryan vowing to defund the nonprofit, and this time without the veto power of a president who supports it, Planned Parenthood's future looks hazy at best. With about 2.5 million people relying on Planned Parenthood clinics every year, many of whom do not have access to another healthcare facility, a loss of funds for the organization will have a devastating effect on women and men across the country.

Support for Planned Parenthood has become more vocal over the past few years. Most recently, Power and Light Press released a tote bag that features a handful of services available at Planned Parenthood clinics that have nothing to do with abortion.


Kyle Durrie / Power and Light Press

It reads:

I Went to Planned Parenthood And All I Got Was A Breast Exam, A Pap Smear, Physical Exam, STD Testing And Treatment, Information And Counseling About My Sexual And Reproductive Health, Cancer Screenings, A Pregnancy Test, Prenatal Services, And Access To Affordable Birth Control. 

"I was really interested in trying to shift the conversation around these other essential services that Planned Parenthood provides," Kyle Durrie, owner of Power and Light Press told A Plus. "It's more than being pro-life or pro-choice. It's about access to basic healthcare needs."

All proceeds from sales of the bag will be donated to Planned Parenthood. As of publication, Power and Light Press has been able to raise more than $20,000, but Durrie said the company will be making a second donation in the upcoming weeks and will continue to do so as long as people keep ordering the bag.

The bag first went on sale in December, and Durrie said within an hour of posting about it on Facebook, she knew that it was going to be popular. However, she never expected the bag to be this popular.  At time of publication, over 12,000 of the totes have been sold. Durrie, who is based in New Mexico, employed the help of a press in Portland, Ore. to print all of the bags, and an army of volunteers is waiting to help package and ship the orders.

Bags will currently take about a month to arrive, but are still available for purchase on the Power and Light Press website

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