White House Staff Teamed Up To Play A Hilarious Holiday Prank On President Obama

Spreading a little surprise holiday cheer.

With a little over a week left until Christmas, White House staff are spending their time getting particularly into the holiday spirit. On his Instagram account, White House photographer Pete Souza, who has captured some of the more intimate moments of Barack Obama's presidency in addition to the diplomatic ones, explains how a group of "helpful staff" pulled off a holiday prank in the West Wing.

According to Souza, the idea was hatched a couple weeks ago when a staff member joked that they should move the four snowmen on display in the Rose Garden for Christmas closer to the Oval Office every day just to see if someone noticed. 


These snowmen aren't as innocent as they look. Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

Unfortunately, the snowmen proved too heavy to be moved daily. But, with some teamwork and holiday magic, the staff made sure that when President Obama arrived to work Friday morning, there was a snowman peeking into the windows of the Oval Office.

Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

And check out President Obama's frosty onlooker as he signed some end-of-year bills.

Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

Looks like the holiday season at the White House is definitely going to be merry and bright.

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