Clever Street Art That Is Absolutely Invisible. Until It Starts Pouring Rain.

Who says rainy days have to suck.

Wait... what? Art that only appears when it's raining? Yep. You read that just right.



Peregrine Church, a Seattle-based street artist, creates brilliants pieces of art, but there's a twist to them. You can only see his art when it's raining. Well, given that that your mood can be directly influenced by the weather, it's kind of the exact moment you need something positive.

The description under Rainworks official Youtube video explains the concept in more detail:

Hidden when dry, these messages or images appear on sidewalks all over Seattle and are meant to brighten your day, even when it's gray and rainy!

As Church says in the video below, he came up with the idea after seeing viral videos on Youtube featuring superhydrophobic sprays that prevent surfaces from getting wet. 

"I was just browsing the internet one day and stumbled across a viral video," says Church. "And the video showed, like, these really vivid images of red wine pouring off white shirt, and chocolate syrup pouring off white shoes."

And that's when  Church figured that the spray could also be used for other cool things. Like creating Rainworks, rain-activated art.

You just need some superhydrophobic spray and stencils.

Messages are completely invisible...

... until it starts raining.

Pretty neat!

And suddenly gray days aren't that gray anymore.

Now, how can you not love rain?

Watch the entire video below.

If you'd liked to see the map of Rainworks, make sure to check out their website.

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