Generations Collide When Pentatonix Rap Battles Bell Biv Devoe In This Epic Throwdown

Who won this battle?

TBS's Drop the Mic debuted just two months ago, but has already delighted us with some of the funniest rap battles to air on television. Most recently, we saw the hilarious throwdown between Pentatonix and Bell Biv Devoe in a December 26 episode. As you'll see below, the two groups traded sick burns — all in good fun and sportsmanship, of course.


Anyone of millennial age, or below, likely knows Pentatonix. The acapella group formed in 2011 and won NBC's The Sing-Off  that same year. Since then, they've released five studio albums, won three Grammy Awards, and embarked on three concert tours.

Bell Biv Devoe (BBD), on the other hand, may not be quite as famous these days. Ricky Bell, Michael Bivis, and Ronnie DeVoe branched off from New Edition in 1989 to form this R&B group, and they released their most popular album, Poison, the following year. (You may have heard the title track covered on Glee or in Pitch Perfect 2.)

Still, all these years later, the BBD guys still boast lyrical genius, as they proved when they kicked off this battle. "This battle should be illegal just like some fake IDs," they rapped, before targeting their foes. "Three dudes and one girl? You're like the White Eyed Peas."

Then they unleashed individualized disses for Pentatonix members Kevin Olusola, Scott Hoying, and Mitch Grassi, respectively: "Acapella, cover tunes, you think that's the bomb? / I guess it is for Pikachu, fake Bieber, and Uncle Tom."

And BBD even went after the group's name: "Pentatonix? That name's a hot mess / Sounds like a bad laxative with a hundred side effects."

Then it was Pentatonix's turn, and first to  bat was Mitch Grassi: "For '90s R&B, people say you're the best / If that's true, I can't believe our parents ever had sex / So when kids our age hear tracks from Bell Biv Devoe / They turn the song off, more like Bell Biv De-Hell No."

Grassi even dinged his opponents' ages: "They used to rock the flyest necklaces and shirts / Now their only necklace comes from Medic Alert / Now run home and tell 'em Pentatonix sent ya. / You shouldn't battle us when you're battling dementia."

And that was just the first volley. Once you've witnessed the rest of this battle, be sure to check out our coverage of other notable rap throwdowns, including Charlie Puth vs. the Backstreet Boys, Method Man vs. James Corden, Kevin Hart vs. James Corden, and Nicole Richie vs. James Corden. (James must be a good sport.)


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