Living Jewelry Is The Most Gorgeous Way To Celebrate The Beauty Of Plants

Who needs a diamond ring, when you can have this?

While diamonds are said to "last forever," some pieces of jewelry, that are just as beautiful, have a much shorter lifespan. Take these stunning living rings, earrings, and necklaces, for example. 

These pieces of jewelry, created by  Michigan-based floral designer Susan McLeary, are made almost entirely out of succulents. They only last one to four weeks, but their temporary nature makes you appreciate the fragile beauty of living plants even more.


"I attended a floral design conference in California about two years ago and took a floral jewelry class with the wonderful Francoise Weeks," McLeary told A Plus. "The photographers covering the conference saw the pieces I made and asked me if I'd make a few pieces for them to use in an upcoming shoot. I immediately said yes, but I live in Michigan and was due to leave the next day."

"When I got home, I had to figure out how to make beautiful floral jewelry that would survive the trip across the country [...]. They indeed survived the trip, and looked gorgeous! I began to play with the idea, ultimately using exclusively succulents in the jewelry."

McLeary now sells these gorgeous creations on her PassionFlowerMade Etsy store and we pretty much want one of each.

What a fantastic way to celebrate the beauty of plants.

Make sure to check out more of McLeary's work on Instagram.


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