What If There Were No Gentlemen In The World?

"A world without gentlemen is a world without ladies."

Have you ever imagined how it would look if there were no more gentlemen left on the face of the earth? No one to help you carry that heavy bag twice your size or offer his jacket when it's freezing outside. Maybe there's even more to it than just that.

Parisian Gentlemen, a men's style website, offers us their take on the question in a video that features a bunch of women engaging in heaps of unladylike behaviors: chewing with one's mouth open, spitting in public and causing fights with other girls. Why?

The tagline at the end of the video finally offers us an explanation: "a world without gentlemen is a world without ladies." Not to put pressure on you guys, but to all the gentlemen out there, please don't go extinct. 

Scroll down to watch the entire video. 


Chewing with mouth open.

Picking and spitting.

Taking it out on others.

Whoa, there. Deffo not classy.


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