Is This The World's Most Techy Shirt? Boys, You Might Want One.

Day to night to day outfit, anyone?

Let's admit it. We like to dress nice, but taking care of our clothes is just a massive pain. Washing, ironing, dry-cleaning... You name it. That's how most we end up running into our exes while we're wearing something not very flattering. Like an old T-shirt or a tracksuit. 

Luckily for us, Original Stitch, a San Francisco and Tokyo-based shirt label, is delivering what are known as Hybrid Sensor shirts

"Hybrid Sensor what?" you must be thinking. Simply put, it's a shirt that makes you look dapper.


The shirt material was made as a joint effort among Japan's national aerospace exploration agency, Jaxa, and the same scientists who created Uniqlo's HeatTech fabric.

That does sound pretty cool already, right? But just wait. 

The shirt material absorbs water like a sponge and is both odor free and wrinkle proof. 

Original Stitch claims that you can wear the shirt 50 times before washing it. Wait... What?!

"To prove the shirt actually comes from the future, I actually wore the shirt 50 times straight without washing and never ironed it" Jin Takahito Koh, the founder of Original Stitch, told A Plus.  "I am a ballroom dancer and I wore them to practice. I had sweat in them, I had slept in them, I have partied in them, and I have went to customers meetings in them."

This just sounds like our new day-to-night-to-day outfit.  

Check out the video below to see men do competitive cycling, running, swimming in an open sea — all while rocking the shirt.

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