Incredible Baker Creates Gorgeous Cakes That Look Like Marbled Glass

These cakes double as mirrors.

There are some desserts you just can't scroll past. There are mash-up creations that are everything you never knew you wanted until you had them and sweet treats made of strange ingredients. And then, there are the desserts that look like works of art too beautiful to eat. 

Russian baker Olga Noskova's cakes fall into that last category. Her incredible unique cakes look like marbled glass. They're so shiny, you can see your reflection in them. Seriously, her glaze transforms her cakes into mirrors. 


No, seriously. She's taken selfies in these things.

We're not sure we want to see what we look like before we dive into a delicious dessert, but we're glad these cakes give us the option. 

Noskova's cakes have earned her more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. And for good reason. They're truly mesmerizing to look at. 

You can check out some of her beautiful creations below:


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