OK Go Is Back With Yet Another Masterpiece, But This Time It's A Furniture Ad

Mind. Blown. Literally.

American alternative rock band OK Go's music videos have become something of a legend. Be it "The Writing's On the Wall" or "I Won't Let You Down," their clips are just one big treat for our eyes and well... a puzzle for out brains. They truly are visual masterpieces.

Luckily for us, OK Go is back, but with a slightly different project than the kind we're used to. This time it's.... wait for it.... an ad for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline

"It's a visual reference to our video 'The Writing's on the Wall' but set to a remix of 'I Won't Let You Down' by our very own Dan Konopka," the band explains on their Youtube page. "Because sometimes you just make what you want".

Scroll down to watch the entire video.


Whoa. Got us again.

But how?!

Ha. Well, OK!

Watch the entire ad below.

Great job, guys. Once AGAIN.

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