Nicki Minaj Saved A Boy's Life, And Now He Has Something Important To Tell Her


Quinton Lefrancois was going through a painful time. He was in ninth grade and, like too many other kids his age, he was a victim of bullying.


His depression became unbearable and on November 18th, 2011 he attempted to end his life. Fortunately he survived and credits a very special person for helping him find happiness.

Her name is Nicki Minaj.

This is Lefrancois's Nicki Minaj collection, which includes posters, perfumes, a cardboard cut-out and, of course, her albums.

In an essay he wrote for school entitled "14 Days With Nicki Minaj" Lefrancois opens up about the light he found at the end of an otherwise scary tunnel. 

Lefrancois calls Minaj an “imaginary friend” who sang to him. He likes to keeps her words in mind as his personal motto:

Here's an excerpt from Lefrancois's essay:

We hope one day he'll have the chance to tell Minaj what she means to him. 

Until then, it's safe to say that he'll be listening to music by the friend who has always been there for him — no matter what. 


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