How Well Do You Think You Know Popular Company Logos?

Some of these are harder than expected.

Logos are ubiquitous: They're on your morning coffee, your new shirt, your smartphone, everywhere. But just how well do you know those images you see so frequently? 

London-based graphic designer Nick Barclay will test your knowledge with his bare bones, minimalist designs of some of the world's most popular brands. At the top of each piece, he includes the founding date, one slogan the company has used, and products it sells. 

"I love the challenge of seeing if I can break something down and make it very simple, but still hold an idea or give people some information," he told A Plus in an email. "I wanted to see if logos are so ingrained in our psyche that I could break them down and simplify them, and people would still know what they are, just from the colors and shapes." 

Check out some of Barclay's designs, and see how many you can guess: 


1. "I'm lovin' it."

— McDonald's 

2. "Make it happy."

— Coca-Cola

3. "Out of the blue."

— Pepsi 

4. "Don't be evil."

— Google 

5. "Gives you wings."

— Red Bull

6. "Innovate. Understand. Engage."

— IBM 

7. "Think different."

— Apple

8. "Race together."

— Starbucks

9. "Just do it."

— Nike  

10. "Be your way."

— Burger King  

Next, test your friends!

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