Is This The Condom Of The Future? Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True.

Please, science, please.

When it comes to condoms, it's always a bit of a love/hate thing. Sure, sex might not feel the same when you use one, but condoms prevent STDs and let us control our reproduction. That's a pretty great trade-off, we'd say.

Statistics are shocking, nevertheless. The 2012 National College Health Assessment reported that merely 54 percent of college students regularly use condoms.


Scientists in Australia are working on "The Next-Gen Condom" to encourage safe sex.

These "condoms of the future," currently in development, are self-lubricated, barely visible, and as Dazed reports, Viagra dispensing. 

And there's more. The Next-Gen condoms also could potentially preserve — or even enhance — the pleasure of lovemaking.

"Our project is to replace latex with a new material," explains Dr Robin Gorkin, one the scientists behind the idea.

This new material is called hydrogel. As Dr Gorkin, one of the scientists at University of Wollongong,  explains in the video below, hydrogel is way more skin-like in terms of how it feels and looks in comparison to latex, the material that is most commonly used for condoms. Need we say more?

The project, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aims to increase regular condom use by improving the overall experience. As the project's website noptes:

Universal access to reproductive and sexual health is one of the great challenges and human rights issues of the 21st century.The lack of condom use, partially due to stigmas around a decrease in sensation, affects the health and well-being of many people in developing countries today. 

Watch the entire video below.

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