Native American-Inspired Modern Fashion Line Is Turning Heads

Beautiful and empowering.

Bethany Yellowtail is a Native American fashion designer and she's introduced a striking new collection called "The Mighty Few."

According to Yellowtail's website, as a designer she "embraces the experience of breathing new life into ancestral knowledge with this modern-day experience, and seeks to redefine Native-inspired design."  

One look at her fashion line and you know she's doing just that... and brilliantly. 


With respect to issues around cultural appropriation, as a Native American designer, Yellowtail creates clothes inspired by and in honor of her own culture, in a way that anyone of any culture can feel good about wearing them. 

The designer wants to help create a space for more Native American designers in the mainstream fashion industry. 

The company's philosophy is: "An honoring of refined beauty, a celebration of culture, and a journey of self-exploration: these are the pillars that define the B.Yellowtail experience of storytelling through fashion."

Telling the story in her own words and the words of her people is an important aspect of Yellowtail's work as indigenous voices have long been ignored — including in the fashion world. 

Powerful and breathtaking!

Bethany Yellowtail, along with poet Tazbah Rose Chavez collaborated with other indigenous artists to create a short film telling their story of the complexities of being an indigenous woman. 

The film fuses a beautiful spoken word piece with images of nature and pieces from "The Mighty Few" collection. 



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