Armed With Body Paint, This Artist Hides Her Models In Nature


If you've ever watched or read "Into the Wild," you know that some people are born explorers. All they desire is just to go out there and blend in with nature. Well, Natalie Fletcher, an American artist, can help you do that quite literally.

Armed with a brush and body paint, she transforms human bodies into jagged rocks, green fields and flowing rivers. Her models become breathing parts of stunning sceneries and, frankly, the end result is jaw-dropping. 


"I was a canvas painter who got bored with being in my studio by myself," Fletcher told A+.

"I thought how can I take painting outside..."

"... interact with and meet new people?"

"Well I found it. And I love it!"

As Fletcher explained to A+, she is currently on a road trip living in a van and driving to every state in the contiguous US...

... to paint the bodies of locals in their surroundings.

"I just finished Florida and now I'm heading North," she said.

Whoa. More, please.

If you liked Fletcher's work as much as we do, make sure to check out her Tumblr.


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