17 Photos Of Emoji Poop Pillow 'Mr. Fecal' Just Isn't Enough

It never stops smiling.

American model and famed Bollywood film actress Nargis Fakhri received a fluffy new friend as a gift about two months ago. No, it wasn't an adorable puppy or cuddly kitty. It was her very own pillow in the shape of the poop emoji we all know and love. She appropriately named it Mr. Fecal, because of course. 

Fakhri loves her new companion so much that she lets Mr. Fecal make tons of cameos in her Instagram account, as best friends often do. From a trip to Kenya to a day on set, Mr. Fecal does it all.


1. The fateful day Mr. Fecal entered Fakhri's life.

2. Traveling in style.

3. Ready for turbulence.

4. Getting some shut-eye on the plane.

5. Mr. Fecal goes on safari.

6. Chillin on the Equator.

7. Sitting poolside.

8. Afternoon nap in a bed the size of an NYC apartment.

9. Partying hard.

10. Driver's ed.

11. New hairdo.

12. Time for work.

13. Getting pretty before a shoot.

14. Meeting the coworkers.

15. Striking a pose on set.

16. More modeling.

17. Tired after a long day.

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(H/T: Mashable)


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