Your Tattooed Skin Can Now Be Cut And Framed For Loved Ones After You Die

It's a work of art, after all.

Tattoos often have a powerful meaning for the people who get them. They may pay homage to someone, represent personality traits or embody the owner's spirit. Now, tattoo enthusiasts can pass their special inked skin on to loved ones after they die. 

The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) is a nonprofit that has developed a method for preserving tattoos after death. The "Save My Ink" service provided by NAPSA allows people to designate a beneficiary to receive their tattooed skin in a frame after they pass away. 


For the process to work, NAPSA must be alerted within 18 hours of someone's passing. Then, an embalmer works to remove the identified tattoo within 60 hours, place it in a "nontoxic temporary preservation compound" and sends it to NAPSA. NAPSA frames the skin and sends it to your beneficiary within the following three to six months.

There are some limitations though. The tattoo they wish to pass on can't be on their face or genitalia. 

Though the practice may seem bizarre to some, NAPSA has identified the people who want to participate in Save My Ink as "progressive, out-of-the-box, free-thinker" and "not just a conversationalist, but a person of action." 

It's for those who have a "story and a legacy that you want to live on," according to NAPSA

Check out their promotional video below:

Here's some of the tattoos they've preserved so far:

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