Monica Lewinsky's Campaign Shows What Cyberbullying Would Look Like Offline — And How You Can Stop It

"If this behavior is unacceptable in real life, why is it so normal online?"

Nearly 43 percent of kids have been cyberbullied, and one in four has experienced it more than once, according to Since the invention of social media, cyberbullying has become so prevalent because the vast majority of young people (81 percent) think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. 

And they're right. Technology allows anyone to say anything, with optional anonymity and often without consequences. Ninety percent of teens who have seen cyberbullying said they ignored it, and only one in 10 victims will report the bullying to a parent or "trusted adult."  


But as stark as those statistics may seem, anti-cyberbullying campaigns have worked to decrease them. The latest campaign, called "In Real Life: An Offline Experiment," put all those numbers into singular, revealing narratives to shed a new light on the toll cyberbullying takes beyond the computer screen, The 'In Real Life' campaign, an anti-cyberbullying initiative led by Monica Lewinsky, conducted an offline experiment. 

At the end of the video, the 'In Real Life' campaign explained the bullies and their targets were all actors. Those who responded to each situation with kindness and compassion were not. 

The video shows there are people willing to step up, and that's important. But even as the video highlights the heroes, it still challenges viewers to answer the question "If this behavior is unacceptable in real life why is it so normal online?" for themselves. 

"This is very much about showing the disparity between how we behave online and how we behave offline when we're face-to-face," Lewinsky told CBS This Morning. "Before you post something online, think about what you're clicking. Think before you click... Would you say that to someone offline, just as we're sitting here? And if not, then don't post it."

The video then ends with the call to #ClickWithCompassion. 


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