Kids Write Letters To Their Parents Telling Them How They Think They Are Doing At Parenting. The Moment The Parents Read Them Is Beyond Touching.

You'll want to grab a tissue for this one.

We often tend to be very critical of ourselves. Be it as friends, partners... or parents. But aren't we sometimes a bit too harsh? 

From Minute Maid comes a video proving just that. A bunch of parents were asked how they thought they were doing when it came to raising their kids. And guess what — each and every one of them had doubts.

"When I can't spend time with them, I do feel like I let them down sometimes," one of the mothers says, holding back tears. 

But then their kids got asked the exact same question. They wrote down their answers for their parents to read.

"Dear dad, the advice you gave me is to go to college, graduate and be an honest person," one of the letters reads. "And I follow these principles and I'll be well off."

What a beautiful reminder that it only takes a minute to tell your parents they are doing great. Don't let them keep doubting themselves.


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