After Her Date Didn't Show, This Woman Turned Her Solo Evening Into An Empowering Experience

"I felt confident, sexy, sassy and happy — and I’d never want any other woman to feel any differently.""

When 21-year-old Mimi Black, from Scotland, traveled all the way to Glasgow to meet a guy for a date, something disappointing happened. Unfortunately, the guy failed to show up, leaving Black in the dust. 

But she was not about to let that stop her from having an amazing date anyway with the person that mattered most that evening — herself. 

Making the decision to seize the moment wasn't initially the easiest thing for Black, however. In a blog post, she explained she suffers from bipolar disorder, and previously had not been comfortable going out to socialize. But with the support of her friends, who were sending her sympathetic texts to make her feel better, Black wrote that she was able to "muster up the courage" to venture out by herself in Glasgow

"I told my friends I was going to have a 'Nice Evening' in Glasgow and that I would Snapchat them what I am up to," Black wrote on her blog. "I joked that I was taking myself on a date as I sent photos of my shopping and activities, and as nervous as I felt sitting in a strange bar in Glasgow on my own, it felt oddly empowering." 

Black's friends were enjoying her Snapchats so much, she decided to post the pictures on Twitter for others to see the fun as well. 

Below are just a few pics from the date: 


She had this last important message for anyone who ever finds themselves in a similar situation.

You are everlasting hope for everyone. Keep doin' you!

For the most part, people have been been supportive of Black's choice to showcase her solo date, but for the haters, she has some choice words. On her blog, she wrote, "I felt like a real girl, not the ill girl. So please don't take my positivity away. I felt confident, sexy, sassy and happy — and I'd never want any other woman to feel any differently."

So, for all those dating, if this ever happens to you, perhaps you can take a page out of Black's playbook. She also encourages everyone to donate and check out Bipolar Scotland.


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