Two Guys In A Pizza Place Do An Amazing Rendition Of Toto's 'Africa'

Love love love.

Growing up, you've probably heard the 1982 song "Africa" by Toto blasting through the speakers all too many times. And, let's face it, the song never gets old and it's impossible not to smile while listening to those playful '80s beats and rhythms.

But as much as we love the original version, every song could do with a makeover now and then, so singers Mike Massé and Jeff Hall took the '80s classic and made it their own in this amazing performance at the Pie Pizzeria in South Jordan, Utah back in 2010. 

The harmonies are so beautifully done that it sounds almost as good, if not better, than the original. 


Take a listen:

And here's the original, for the sake of comparison:

Which version do you like better? 

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