Michelle Obama Made A Surprise Stop At A D.C. High School To Talk Goals, Aspirations

Fourteen students met with the former First Lady for two hours.

Michelle Obama made a surprise stop at a high school in Washington, D.C. this week to talk to a group of students there about their dreams and concerns for the future. The fourteen Ballou STAY students who met with Obama were not typical honors students — according to the Washington Post, some have children, some live in shelters and some have previously been expelled from school. 

"These are students, students who no one says positive things to you generally, and it was really just to affirm their journey," principal Cara Fuller told the Washington Post.


The students had thought they were meeting to talk with the new chancellor of the D.C. public schools. According to the Post, some students were so excited when the former first lady walked in they started crying. One had to leave the room in order to regain her composure.

Over the course of two hours, the students asked Obama about things such as how she met Barack, the challenges of being the first lady and her thoughts on the current administration. 

"I think she really just wanted a school and a group of students who are typically counted out to know that they themselves are amazing and wonderful and have the talents that they need to be successful," Fuller told the Post.

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